The Mike Drop Moment

Designing Stand Out Brands with Joana Galvao

Episode Summary

In this episode, Joanna Galvao of GIF Design Studios and I talk about branding, public speaking, business entrepreneurship, and what you need to do to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Episode Notes

We are going to have some fun in this episode. This is one of those where I get to have a conversation with one of my very, very good friends.

It's not just about a pretty logo and the right colors. It's about having a perspective, having a point of view. 

I thought that would be an interesting thing to talk about on this episode of the mic drop moment and when I think about brand identities and creating them, there's no one better than my friend Joanna Galvao.

She is the co-founder of GIF Design Studios. It's an award-winning design agency that specializes in brand identities. They're based in Porto, Portugal. They help entrepreneurs and industry leaders in over 17 countries and counting. And their goal is to help people elevate their brands through beautiful and conversion driven design.

We talk about that a lot in this episode. How it's not just about having a pretty website or a pretty slide deck, how it's about understanding what you want your audience to do and then guiding them through that via design. 

Joanna's also one of my favorite public speakers, she teaches in this way that is engaging, fun and elegant and you walk away learning so much.

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